Virtual Studio Events - South

One of the largest and most versatile spaces on the south coast of England,

Housing 3 stages, fully dimmable lighting rigs, plenty of free parking, dock doors big enough to drive in, a comfortable green room and it’s in a great location in the South Downs National Park.

The studio is ideal for interviews, music promos and small set builds. It also makes a great hire for photographers.

We have the whole of VSEs network of skills to call upon for any of your needs. Lighting, sound and camera crew can be on hand to provide as much assistance as you need during your production.

The studio complex has a refreshment area with a tea & coffee machine, fridge for cold drinks and biscuits. There’s internet throughout either through WiFi or an ethernet port run to wherever you need it.

Our local suppliers can also provide fantastic locally sourced food either as cold platters delivered to the studio or hot meals in the restaurant 2 minutes drive down the lane from the studio, All with our VSE discount.


For hirings that stretch over a few weeks we’ll happily store set and equipment when you’re not on site.

Stage 1

STUDIO SIZE: 403 ft² (38.16m²)

DIMENSIONS: W: 17ft (5.3m) x L: 23.5ft (7.1m) x H: 14ft 7 inch (4.5m) to the grid
CYC: 2 wall white Infinity Cove with return on third wall (Can be painted chroma key green or any colour at cost)

LIGHTING: 8 bar Lighting grid. full incandescent rig included.
42 channels of dimming, DMX control

SOUND: Treated for sound recording.

INTERNET: Ethernet available in studio and WI-FI available throughout the building.

ELECTRICITY: 100a three phase supply.
Breakout to 63a Three phase, 63a, 32a or 16a single phase available on request

VEHICLE ACCESS: Through double doors W:10.5ft (3.2m) x 10.5ft (3.2m)

Stage 2

STUDIO SIZE: 93 ft² (8.64m²)

DIMENSIONS: W: 11ft 9inch (3.6m) x L: 7ft 10 inch (2.4m)

CYC: 1 wall Chroma Green Infinity Cove

LIGHTING: Lighting grid. Pre-lit for green screen with extra rigging points.

INTERNET: Ethernet available in studio and WI-FI available throughout the building.

ELECTRICITY: 1 x 16 single phase supply
Breakout to 16a & 13a single phase


Virtual event platform
The hub for your online event. Bringing together all the elements to make an event work: Interactive agendas, Q&A, chat rooms as well as our 1-1 and group HD video conferencing with appointment scheduling and exhibition demo areas.

Physical production
A crew making the show happen. Vision mixing, audio engineering, overlaying graphics and streaming. Intergrating all the big brands: Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet or our own full HD video calling.
Virtual production
Much the same as physical production but we utilise powerful computers in the cloud to allow us to run your event completely virtually. Allowing our crew to operate remotely while still being connected as one virtual team.

Studio Network
Hybrid events can be broadcast from anywhere. Using one of our trusted partner studios, or from your own premises. All our studio partners meet a minimum specification for broadcast quality content and all look fantastic.


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